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Understand Unified Communications and What It Can Do for You

While communication may be more technologically advanced than ever before, it still has some kinks. Imagine that you're attempting to close a business deal. You go through having to contact several people (business partner, legal, buyer or client, and more) and you need to communicate several different factors in several different ways. Though you have come to an agreement with the buyer, e-mails and faxes may still need to be sent. It's become difficult for you to get everyone in the same room because business is more virtual than it used to be, and it's not necessarily easy to get them all in one chat conference either. Overall, you have to use several different smaller elements for one larger purpose, and it can get messy. This is where unified communications comes into play....(more)

5 Things That Affect Your VoIP Quality of Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call technology is very affordable. While it is usually reliable, there are some things that can affect the quality of service (QOS). Knowing about these nuances in advance can help you to better prepare for using this technology. Here are five of the main causes of complications with VoIP QOS....(more)

Common Sources of VoIP Problems and Complications

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method of making phone calls using the existing Internet framework instead of the traditional phone lines. The method goes by several related terms such as IP telephony, voice over broadband, or IP communications. VoIP has several areas where issues can arise. These areas are inherent to IP communications and not the traditional phone line system. Some of the issues can be remedied at your end but others may require professional servicing....(more)


5 Great VoIP Companies

Voice over Internet Protocol began in the days of dialup Internet. Most people were not impressed with it then. More recently, technology and bandwidth have advanced to the point that services from the VoIP industry are available just about anywhere there is high-speed Internet access. Generally, you will receive the service for less than your local telephone company. There are usually quite a few perks and amenities with the service because of the competition for customers. Following is a list of 5 of the best-rated VoIP companies....(more)

Google Voice Internet Phone Service Review

Almost every household has an Internet connection and many people are using this to replace their old landline telephones with online telephony services. These networks allow you to make calls from your computer without even having a phone handset. The search giant, Google, has included a VoIP service for Gmail users that is cheap and easy to use. This review of Google Voice will introduce you to all of the features that they provide, so that you can make an informed choice about your VoIP provider....(more)

Yahoo Voice Rates and Benefits

As one of the world's leading VoIP providers, Yahoo offers a variety of services and products that can be used to place phone calls at a comparatively low cost. For anyone that communicates frequently online, it's possible to achieve significant savings on your phone bill by using Yahoo Voice. Yahoo Voice rates are extremely competitive in the VoIP industry, and may even be cheaper than Skype. Find out how affordable this program is and to learn the other benefits of this service....(more)


What is a Hotspot and How Does It Affect Voip Communications?

Wireless (Local Area Network) LAN is an innovation that has brought Internet access to an area that was previously thought to be solely the domain of science fiction. Through the invisible waves transmitted by the wireless router and your device, you now have the freedom to go anywhere and still be connected to the Internet, no need for wires or cords. But, how does this affect your ability to operate on a VoIP application? Here's a few facts about VoIPs and hotspots....(more)