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5 Great VoIP Companies

Voice over Internet Protocol began in the days of dialup Internet. Most people were not impressed with it then. More recently, technology and bandwidth have advanced to the point that services from the VoIP industry are available just about anywhere there is high-speed Internet access. Generally, you will receive the service for less than your local telephone company. There are usually quite a few perks and amenities with the service because of the competition for customers. Following is a list of 5 of the best-rated VoIP companies....(more)

Google Voice Internet Phone Service Review

Almost every household has an Internet connection and many people are using this to replace their old landline telephones with online telephony services. These networks allow you to make calls from your computer without even having a phone handset. The search giant, Google, has included a VoIP service for Gmail users that is cheap and easy to use. This review of Google Voice will introduce you to all of the features that they provide, so that you can make an informed choice about your VoIP provider....(more)

Yahoo Voice Rates and Benefits

As one of the world's leading VoIP providers, Yahoo offers a variety of services and products that can be used to place phone calls at a comparatively low cost. For anyone that communicates frequently online, it's possible to achieve significant savings on your phone bill by using Yahoo Voice. Yahoo Voice rates are extremely competitive in the VoIP industry, and may even be cheaper than Skype. Find out how affordable this program is and to learn the other benefits of this service....(more)

Internet Fax Service

An IP fax service is the Internet's answer to the increasing need for digital paperwork transfer. It takes advantage of modern Internet protocols to transmit faxes. It does this by utilizing technology that is similar to Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP. This article looks at the technology and its uses....(more)

Getting Started

Skype Virtual Phone Number Review

Using an online telephone number allows you to direct all of your calls through your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. These calls can then be diverted to any phone that you choose as well as allowing you to handle your telecommunications traffic on any device that can connect to the web. There are a number of different services to choose from and they all provide a different level of service. This review of the virtual phone number service provided by Skype has everything that you need to consider when connecting your network through this telephone management system....(more)

VoIP: How Does a PBX Work?

Telephone utility bills have become an expensive affair, even with the onset of mobile telephony. Many organizations and individuals are switching to a cheaper option: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Unlike the regular telephone system, which is usually linked to the service provider's local central office (LCO) through a trunk line, a VoIP system uses the Internet. Your telephone system is linked through a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system comprised of a switching matrix, control, user terminals, and trunks. This allows users to share a certain number of outside lines to make calls outside the device, and also provides call logs and tracks usage. How does it work?...(more)

What Are Calling Cards?

Calling cards make it easy to send long distance and international phone calls without paying a high price. Most phone companies will require that you have an international phone plan if you wish to call overseas. A low cost option to call other countries is with a calling card. Calling cards do not have the same requirements of phone plans, therefore offering more options to more users....(more)


Five Android VoIP Apps

The beauty of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is that it allows you to communicate with others through an Internet connection. Users of Android devices have VoIP options that can meet both business and personal needs. If you have an Android mobile phone and have access to an Internet data connection, you can vocally communicate through an app without using your actual phone. Depending on your location or your mobile phone plan, this can be a major cost-saving tool....(more)

The Advancements in Wireless Mobile Networks

Wireless mobile technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. Because of that, the proliferation of wireless mobile devices has exploded the past few years. To keep up with the growing demand to have broadband access in any given place at any given time, broadband networks have been constantly evolving. One of the newest types of broadband standard is LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution....(more)

5 Mobile VoIP Services

Determining which mobile VoIP service to use can be a difficult task. A number of factors, such as program features, functionality, cost, appearance, speed, and stability, should be taken into careful consideration before deciding which program suits your needs. In addition, user-experience is another factor that that must be considered, as well because some apps offer great functionality yet can be very complicated to use. Considering the judging criteria at hand, the following five programs are all worthy contenders....(more)